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At Elegant Mart, fashion is our passion and we are here to bring it to you. From the hottest trends to the smoothest classics, we'll talk about all of them on our blog.


Fashion Week is going strong and we are watching the designs closely. What is happening today will be featured on our site tomorrow. We are cutting edge and can't wait to find out what's happening in the fashion world.


Our blog is a fusion of fabulous and everyday chic to help every woman look her best. We believe women of all sizes and shapes can look absolutely gorgeous.  It's all about choosing styles that are flattering on you.


Color, embellishments, length and measurements make a major difference. We will discuss all of these elements and how to use them to your advantage.


Being fashionable is more than dressing up for formal events. It's taking those skills and using them to have fun with how you look everyday of the week. 


From a hot date to your daughter's wedding, we know the right dress for the occasion. Of course, we never forget about accessorizing!  Every fashionista realizes little things mean a lot.


Women of all ages are beautiful with a wealth of fashion possibilities at their fingertips. A bit of knowledge about fashion can go a long way. From Hollywood to New York to Paris, we delve into it all.  We'll even be talking about fantastic fashion choices for the children and men in your life.


Welcome to Elegant Mart, the most fabulously fashionable destination on the web! We'll return every Monday to dish about what to wear and how to wear it.  Come join us!