Valentine's Day Fashions for Flirtatious Fun

Do you remember when you first fell in love in high school?  You were new to the game of love and quickly learned how to flirt to get his attention. As we get older or enter committed relationships, sometimes we forget the fine art of flirtation.  Consider a few ways to revamp your love life to make it sizzle.


- Change your look to make him and everyone else stare in admiration.  Get a new hairstyle or add a few highlights.  Try a luscious flavored lip gloss in a hot shade.  Slip on a pair of high heeled platform pumps with silky pantyhose. 


- Get into the mood for love.  Light scented candles and play jazz music in the background.  Wear a sultry perfume behind your ears, elbows and knees.  Apply fragrant lotion from head to toe.  Make the mood around you ooze of love so it's an undeniable force in the room.


- Talk less and do more.  Instead of the same routine conversation, go dancing or ice skating together.  Share cocktails at a sleep local bar.  Sip a milkshake with two straws at the local diner.  Use your body language to communicate rather than actual conversation.


- Update your wardrobe.  Forget about the cocktail dress you've worn for the past five weddings and funerals. Buy something new and vivacious.  Consider Valentine's Day colors such as pink, red and fuchsia.  Show off some skin with a strapless style or short skirt.  A long skirt with a slit is a timeless way to get him to notice you're in the mood for love.