How to Choose a Flattering Homecoming Gown

School is back in full swing which means everyone is looking forward to football games and homecoming dances. People of all ages attend homecoming celebrations to see their old school and friends. You want to look your best when you go to the homecoming dance. Consider a few fashionable fall looks to be the belle of the homecoming ball.

All that Glitters

Sequins are the hottest look for the fall and winter. Select a dress coverered in sparkling sequins for a completely glamorous look. Some evening gowns have a sprinkling of sequins on the bodice while others are totally embellished with sequins. You choose how much drama you prefer. Large sequins tend to be most flattering on plus size beauties while small sequins look fabulous on slender ladies.

Sheerly Gorgeous

Sheer sleeves are another fashion-forward trend this season. You get the look of a sleeveless evening dress with the warmth of a sheer sleeve. Also, these sheer sleeves can hide bat wings or skinny arms to improve your overall appearance. Sheer looks for the season include cream, black and silver. Coupled with a trendy high-low hem, this is a great look for any body type.

Top it Off

You are likely to get chilly on a fall evening when you wear an evening gown. Slip into a sleek bolero, sheer cardigan or fancy poncho to stay warm while you have fun at homecoming.