How to Get Trendy Boys Clothes for the Holidays

Now that Halloween is over, your son has to get out of costumes and casual clothes to look his best for the holidays. Unfortunately, it can be challenge to get boys to go shopping. Trendy boys clothes make them look handsome for holiday gatherings but it can be tough to get your son to wear them. Here are a few ways to encourage your son to put on trendy boys clothes rather than the same t-shirts and jeans.

- Choose casual slacks such as corduroy trousers or dress jeans. Wearing a suit is often uncomfortable for young men and they tend to resist it. Save suits for formal occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and tony parties.

- Get a simple shirt he can wear under a vest or sweater. It can even be a short-sleeved polo shirt so he can remove the vest or sweater when he plays with other children at holiday gatherings. He will look great in photos but still feel comfortable.

- Soft boots or black sneakers get more wear than dress shoes. They feel tight on his feet and hold him back from having fun. After all, the holidays are also for good times!

- Shop online if he really dislikes going to stores. Take his measurements and purchase trendy boys clothes for him. If they don't fit, find out the return policy and leave plenty of time for exchanges.